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Stone with a story

ZS 20.10.2015

As passionate climbers we always like to find new challenges, discover new places, force ourselves to the limit and inspire by pictures and videos from abroad...

In 2005 we were discovering new stones on Modřín....we found one, which looks very similar like we have seen on pictures from India, we named it Hampi. It happened to be great autumn day with a special visit of Harald Berger and Flo we started working on it.

It always takes time to find the right beta, the right way UP...

I think Ondra Beneš managed to do the stand start, which is graded 7b now. What a day!

In 2007 Adam Ondra made a first ascent of Hampi style (7c+/8a) from the sit start by flashing it! It was during the final round of bouldering competition which opened this area for other climbers.

In 2008 David Lama showed here and made a Direct of Hampi style (8a).

Time flies by as people say, so now we are in October 2015 and we are standing again under this incredible stone after 3 days of rain... Ondra Beneš just wants to try the hardest move...and he did it several times, so why not to try it from the sit....


That day we came to climb with no expectations, we were happy to find some dry stones, even we linked some new problems....however Ondra had his owen plan on the mind, driven by endlees motivation and growing power, just walked through Hampi style sit and finished another chapter of everyday boulder game. Happy to be there, happy to have my camera again...



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