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ZS 26.06.2016

Week ago we opened sector EAST SIDE. YOU became a big part of it and we were so happy to see people having a joy from what we have been working on last year.

Something virgin has been put in use for anyone. Please help us to protect this area so we can use it for many years to come.


When the dreams are not fulfilled…

Years ago we started exploring sandstone boulders around Sněžník and in 2004 the first Boulder Cup was born. It has been so much fun all the time, however we never planned or push to do another. Last year we were visiting East Side more frequently and we realized very soon that the place has a big potential and spirit as well. Great group of people invested a lot of energy to prepare boulders for others. At the beginning we did not know how many good problems we will find, but as more time we spent in the sector we knew it is worth with. We were expecting about 200 problems and we ended up on 440. East Side has the best views to the landscape, dries out fast and it has great quality of sandstone. The best blocks are Švajc and Kostka so we knew that one of it will be great for final round. At the end we choose Kostka, were we prepared 3 beautiful boulder problems. Finals are always a cherry on the top, so we had very high hopes for this part of the day. The place around Kostka has been made by nature for this kind of occasion and from experiences of other Boulder Cups we knew, that drums will boost the atmosphere. Unfortunately the weather was teasing us whole day and many climbers left. We were looking forward for the finals very much but due to weather it did not work out as we wanted. So the most impressive moment wasn´t the performance of the best climbers but it was support of people that did not run away in the rain but were standing and rejecting the end of this event. At the end we had to finish the finals sooner, but the moment when rain was pouring very hard and you were just yelling and pushing climbers forward will stay in our heads! Thank you very much - you made it special!


             EAST SIDE

             Děčínský Sněžník

             440 PROBLEMS

             101 STONES

             100% SANDSTONE

             4 SALE IN OUR ESHOP



Meeting OR competition?

Events like Boulder Cup are always big opportunity for climbers to meet with others, to share their passion or perform as well as they can. It is always just up to you what do you choose. This year it seemed to be more like meeting because of the weather - it was incredible to watch people improvising and seeking for shelters while it was raining, it was great to watch smile on people’s chicks while enjoying the view and moments in East Side. Even do the weather was teasing us there was still time for great ascents - the best man Martin Spilka has climbed 4 7C and 1 7C+. The best women Jiřina Čechová did one 7B+. The best picker Michal Barchánek collected 90 problems and the best kid Marek Jeliga climbed 59 problems. Really great results if you imagine that we had 4 rain showers.

Full results can be found HERE


Thanks to all that came! Thanks to all that helped! See you soon on the hill!


Zdenda & Ondra

Czech Bouldering Team



Martin Jungling, Vítek Tomáš, Honza Macháček, Pavla Dvořáková, Edita Vopatová, Verča Kunčířová, Martin Čermák, Martin Paprsek, Filip Martínek, Michal Král, Karel Mašek, Honza Barančík, Pepíno Nežerka, Adam Mašík, František Matuška, Andrej Chrastina, Honza Šimota, Lubo Sabo, Honza Dupal, Josef Hostínský, Adam Rak, Jana Posedělová, Venca Kučírek, Radek Vopat, Richard Budínský, Jan Duchoň, Lukáš Bíba, Hannes Kutza, Karel Stein, Vašek Šimon, Pavel Zitta, Miloš Hoffmann a Wind.


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