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About authors

Zdenek Suchy

Ondrej Benes

The versatile rock climber, traveller and environmentalist who deeply fell in love with Usti nad Labem and its surrounding, so he finaly moved to this region. Currently he is living in Tisá - center of Elbe Sandstone while working for non profit organization Progressum ( is trying to have a possitive influence and educate poeple in his surrounding.

Long-time boulderer, rock climber and explorer of areas, boulders and routes in North Bohemia region. Ondra works as a climbing instructor in company EASYclimbing (www., providing rock climbing courses, guiding in area of the Elbe sandstones and organizing climbing camps and events for children.

„We had a dream, which came true. We managed to put together almost 15 years of our lifes. We collected more than 1500 boulders in the areas of  Modrin and Sneznik. We published them in printed and electronic version." part of it - JUST BOULDER IT!