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How to use database

How to use the database  

Beside the informations about current events on our bouldering scene, the core of this website is an unique boulder database. Until now, the database contains over 1,500 boulder problems in the areas Modřín and Snežník. We would like to add other areas like Bahratal and Elbe Valley surrounding. This database was developed to grow, so if you would like to insert another area into the database, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can help you to prepare the data into the tables which will be easy importable into the databes.

The biggest advantage of this database is a great opportunity to filter and sort everything what is included!

Main database

The database is gradually sorted by AREAS→SECTORS→STONES→PROBLEMS.  To the underlying database is assigned database of all ascents.

The statistics panel on the right shows you detailed statistics of new climbs, new problems, new ascents above 7C and always will inform you about any new photos, videos or comments. The database also offers statistics for individual areas, sectors or stones. It depends on where in the statistics you are. For complete listing of all registered boulders just click on the button, in the upper menu on the word „problems" in the Statistics panel. Then you can filter whatever you are interested in.

Database user

To become a user you just need to fill in simple registration. Registered user has the right to insert photos, videos and comments to individual problems or published articles.

As a registered user you can insert and store your own ascents. Registration allows you to select the date of the ascent, style and self- evaluation of the problem – which will help to set the right difficulty of certain problem after a while. Average problem difficulty score of all users is calculated into graph. Use „Description“ for your notes or more informations about your ascent. If you do not want to show your ascents to other users of the database, simply choose "personal". Do you want to have your own photo or video assigned to your acscent? Just click on "add images", or simply drag and drop picture. To insert video you need to copy a link from or

All ascents are immediately included in individual statistics across databases and in a statistic of user. This statistic is available to all registered users. If you choosed your statistic to be personal, no one except you will be able to see your climbs and climbs will never be highlighted. The database has no ranking or other similar comparison of boulderers.

Insert a new boulder

Registered user is able to insert a new boulder or a new stone. New areas and sectors can be inserted only by admin of this site. Try to fill in as much informations as you can and try to keep the style of writing that is used throughout the database. As a user you can insert new stone. When you enter GPS always use the same format which is used on other stones (14°4'1.607"E, 50°46'39.195"N). So position of the stone will be displayed correctly. If you have a photo of the new stone and want to insert it, send it to us via email. If the new stone is not in any of these areas or sectors, please contact us and we will create new area or sector.