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Please respect these rules and remember that you climb to the PLA!

  1. No fires!
  2. Respect the temporary area closures (nesting birds, etc.)!
  3. Do not drive a car on a closed road, park considerately and only in designated parking areas!
  4. Do not create any handholds or footholds!
  5. Sleep only in designated places!
  6. Do not leave any trash after yourself!
  7. Bury consecutive own excrement, including toilet paper!
  8. Before leaving, always clean the stone from the chalk, especially the tick marks!
  9. For cleaning use brushes made from natural materials.
  10. Use only existing trails and paths!
  11. Be quiet in the forest to not disturb the wildlife or other visitors!
  12. Do not use burner or other aggressive tools which destroys the rock!